Chrisopher C. Starr Guest Post

Christopher C Starr – Summer Splash Guest Post – Short term & Long term Goals

What are your short term and long term goals? by Christopher C Starr (writing as Lucifer the Satan, Ruler of Hell)

Short term. Long term. This notion is laughable. How can something so temporary, so new, have any idea of what truly constitutes a long time? I’ve seen suns being born from little more than atoms and heat, I’ve watched planets forged from the furnace of dust and light and gravity. I’ve seen the Father pull the seeds of life from his bosom, with just His imagination and the idle whims of His heart. I’ve seen Him create something from nothing. Order from chaos. Short term is longer than your existence on this rock and long term is something greater than your diminished capacities can fathom. But the Father gave you no shortage of hubris though, did He? And they say pride is my sin. Interesting.

But my designated pile of dust says I should play nice with you clods. Fine. Whatever. Let’s talk about this short term/long term idea. You must understand that time for me and time for you are two different things. I have no end: the Father did not make me to die and He will not let me go, regardless of what I do. Time, then, is an idle construct, a mechanism designed for such temporary items as yourselves to chronicle your simple lives. I exist in movements and intentions, in actions. I move, He moves. When Michael or Gabriel or Raphael acts, I simply adjust and respond. And the game continues.  Until I get what I want.

So to answer your primitive question, my short term goals are to remove the Father’s most pressing distraction: you. I want to help Him focus. Longer term? I aim to put things right, to make it like it was. And make the Father admit He was wrong, that you were a foolish endeavor. Just like He made me admit my mistakes. See, we’re not so different, He and I. We want the same things—we always have. The point is, in the end, He and I will look one another eye to eye again and agree to simply forget this disastrous turn of events. I will give Him what He needs, I will soothe His loneliness, and He will show His face to me once again.

Now, being the curious little creatures that you are, you inevitably have a “how” question in your little minds, don’t you? How will I do this? How can I do this? See, here’s the thing, I don’t have to: you will. That’s the wonderful thing about this entire situation. I don’t have to do anything. He built you flawed. The Father made a mistake when He created you: He made you to want that which you cannot have. It’s a simple, human flaw. For you, it’s the centerpiece of your existence, what propels you forward. For me, it’s just the push I need.

Chew on that. Gotta run. See ya around, kiddo.
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He was kind enough to do an author interview with me and I also have a book review! All up TODAY! It’s all about Christopher day!


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