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Dance Me to the End of Love

Love at first sight, the love that makes you want to get up and dance, to hold one another so close an inch is too far apart. The love where when they leave you count the steps and your heart aches the further they get away from you. Love that makes you feel like waking […]

TBR Reduction (July) !!!

Rules for TBR! It’s July 15th and my first month doing this and I’m feeling the pressure. Firstly only 5 books read so far this month! I knew I was feeling a little behind, but no worries. High Summer Read a Thon starts tomorrow and I’m super excited to get another 4 (ish) read! Hopefully! […]

High Summer Read a Thon July 16 – 22

High Summer Read a Thon! Yet another reason to read! And after last week’s reading debacle I am completely looking forward to this week, and since it is a full week, although more laid back than other read a thons, I am going to spend quite a bit of time reading!

Book Review: A Widow for One Year by John Irving

Review: A Widow for One Year Series: — Author: John Irving No of Pages: 576 Release Date: June 1, 2004 Synopsis: Marion Cole, a thirty-nine-year-old woman — and a faithful wife for twenty-two years — has an affair with a sixteen-year-old boy; she then leaves her philandering husband. And also abandons her four-year-old daughter, Ruth. […]

Book Review: Sourcery by Terry Pratchett

Review: Sourcery Series:Discworld #5, Rincewind #3 Author: Terry Pratchett No of Pages: 260 Release Date: Feb 6, 2001       When last seen, the singularly inept wizard Rincewind had fallen off the edge of the world. Now, magically, he’s turned up again, and this time he’s brought the luggage. But once upon a time, […]

Friday’s Flock of Fiction (4)

Want Now: One recently released or already published title I’m lusting after. Want Soon: One upcoming title I’m looking forward to, based on things I’ve heard, the cover, and the description. Want Someday: One upcoming title I’ve heard about that sounds like it could be interested but is so far off into the future it […]

Book Review: Eufeeling by Frank J. Winslow

Review: Eufeeling, The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity Series: — Author: Frank J. Winslow No of Pages: 217 Release Date: July 15th 2012   There is real magic in this world, but you won’t find it in enchanted incantations, ancient charms, or the magician’s sleight of hand. Like a genie in a […]

Cover Reveal: Traitor book two of the Bridger Series by Megan Curd

  Book description: Ashlyn never believed in fairy tales until she was in one. They say ignorance is bliss, but not when you’re on a centuries old hit list…and there’s a traitor in your midst. Ashlyn must decide what’s most important: trusting the allies she has, or siding with those she thought were enemies. Ashlyn […]

Do you judge books by their covers?

There are a few variables for me in this question.

Book Review: Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett

Once again I’m talking Terry Pratchett. New to Terry Pratchett? List of how to read Discworld with links to my reviews. Review: Moving Pictures Series: Discworld #10 Author: Terry Pratchett No of Pages: 396 Release Date: July 4th 2005 Rating: 4/5 Synopsis: Discworld’s pesky alchemists are up to their old tricks again. This time, they’ve […]

Operation TBR Reduction

Starting soon!!! The Details: *Everyone is invited to participate. Bloggers can grab my button and make a post declaring yourself part of the project. Non-bloggers can leave comments on update posts or even have a shelf on GoodReads or another book networking site for books read for the Operation:TBR Reduction. *I will start May 1st. […]

Read it & Pass it on!

I came across this idea at Once Upon a Chapter. and Lovin’ & Livin’ Life Reviews. What is Read It Then Pass It Program? It is when you giveaway your gently (or not so) read books to others so that they can enjoy them too! Remember Used Books Need Love Too! So!! Each month I […]

Random Reads

***Starting soon!!*** Basically it’s a meme where we pick a random book from our shelf to read. I’m on Goodreads so I’m using a combination of the sorting feature and to pick the book I’m going to read. I explain more how to do it in my first Random Reads postso check that out. […]

Once Upon a Read a Thon Updates

In the beginning, there was a Read a Thon! Day 3: Theme for today? Awake and ready to finish a book! Update Three: Felt really good about this read a thon! I was kind of iffy on what I was going to read and I think that hindered my reading process a bit. I should […]

Once Upon a Read a Thon

I love summer read a thons! My Once Upon a Read a Thon Progress! This read a thon from 12:01 AM on July 9 to 11:59 PM on July 11th. Thank you to Pure Imagination, Candace’s Book Blog, and Reading Angel for hosting! With all the different genres I’ve been reading this year what shall […]

Book Review: Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Review: Night Pleasures Series: Night Pleasures, Dark Hunter #2 Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon No of Pages: 336 Release Date: March 13th 2004 Synopsis: Dear Reader, Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be immortal? To journey through the night stalking the evil that preys on humans? To have unlimited wealth, unlimited power? That […]

Book Review: Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Review: Fantasy Lover Series: Dark Hunter #0 Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon No of Pages: 370 Release Date: February 2nd 2002 Synopsis: Dear Reader, Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing. Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn’t. And being cursed into a book as a love-slave for […]

Friday’s Flock of Fiction (3)

Want Now: Ok, so this one is a little out of my normal reading zone, but that’s good to do every once in a while yes? So, after reading some great reviews I think I’ll get my hands on this and see what I think. Even if I don’t like it I can pass it […]

Blog Tour: Gone at Zero Hundred by CR Hiatt

Book Chat Thursday!

This week: Your favorite author! Ohhh… How I can bend everyone’s ears (or eyes I guess) about this subject! Funnily enough my favorite authors have changed depending on what I like to read at the time. Right now, it’s Terry Pratchett. Actually, it’s been Terry Pratchett for quite a while.