The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth by Jim Zoetewey

  • Title: The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth
  • Series: The Legion of Nothing, #1
  • Author: Jim Zoetewey
  • Genre: Young-Adult, Superhero,
  • Publisher: 1889 Labs
  • Ebook
  • Pages: 374


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Author Interview:

How did this story begin? Was it a character, or a particular image?

It began with a character—Nick Klein. One of my friends used to enjoy creating characters for role-playing games, but never actually used them in games.

One of our favorite games was a superhero game called “Villains and Vigilantes.” It was one of the first superhero games that had a decent following after the creation of Dungeons and Dragons.

On one occasion, Ed (the  friend) thought it sounded fun to make “Villains and Vigilantes” characters. I created a character that I liked a lot, but of course, never played him.

Despite that, and unlike many similar characters, he stuck in my mind. He wasn’t named Nick Klein at the time. Nor was his grandfather called the Rocket, but he did inherit powered armor from his grandfather. He also had a similar relationship with his father who had no idea that his was acting as a superhero, and wouldn’t have been pleased to find out.

-Did you have any growing pains with this novel?

Yes, and no. Originally, the Legion of Nothing was a serial that got posted on my blog, much like Dickens and other writers in the 18th century did with their novels. As a result, the major growing pain was writing a certain number of words on time so that they could appear on the appointed day (Monday and Thursday, usually).

Plus I had to think about what would draw someone into the scene even if they hadn’t read what came before, and what I would put at the end that would encourage people to stick around for the next episode.

Hopefully that does me some good in writing novels as well.

 -How would you most like readers to respond to the novel?

Mostly, I’d like people to have had a good time while reading it. There are underlying themes and messages that are more than what’s going on on the surface, but fiction’s main  purpose isn’t delivering a message. It’s main purpose is to deliver an entertaining story.

-What are you reading right now? Are there any authors (living or dead) that you would name as influences?

I’ve been reading a lot of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files lately.

As for who I’d name as influences… I’m sure Jim Butcher is an influence on this series in particular, but I’ve also loved books by Isaac Asimov, David Brin, Harlan Ellison, Norman Spinrad, Roger Zelazny, Connie Willis, and Nancy Kress.

-What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’ve got a wide variety of interests, but time often doesn’t allow me to indulge them. My skills include those of web developers, system administrators, and technical support. I do freelance consulting in all of those areas.

I’m also married, have kids, and pets (including a large and highly energetic dog).

When I’ve got time, I read, play bass guitar, and exercise. I hope someday to have time to do martial arts again. I’ve got a number that I’d like to learn more about.

-What is your next project? What have you been working on recently?

My next project is getting other novels in the Legion of Nothing series ready for publication, but I’ve also got a Wizard of Oz related project that I hope to get to someday.

Book Description:

“You may kill somebody today. We won’t think anything less of you for it.”

Nick Klein’s grandfather was the Rocket.

For three decades, the Rocket and his team were the Heroes League–a team of superheroes who fought criminals in the years after World War II.

But Nick and his friends have inherited more than their grandparents’ costumes and underground headquarters… they’ve inherited the League’s enemies and unfinished business.

In the 1960’s, Red Lightning betrayed everyone, creating an army of supervillains and years of chaos. The League never found out why.

Now, Nick and the New Heroes League will have no choice but to confront their past.



“What I’m thinking,” Jaclyn’s grandfather said, “is that stealth would be best. Travis and Haley, you both have Chuck’s abilities, correct?”

Travis said, “Yes, sir,” while Haley said, “Right,” in a chirpy voice that seemed out of place.

“Good. Then I think the two of them should sneak in, knock him out, and leave.”

“Unless the mayor senses them and bores straight into their heads,” Daniel said.

“That’s the hole in the plan,” Jaclyn’s grandfather said, amused.

That you could drive a truck through, Daniel sent to me.

In both of our minds, Daniel’s dad said: Listen.

“Since stealth isn’t an option,” Jaclyn’s grandfather said, straightening in his chair, “we’ll have to take the direct route. Larry, could you take the Rhinomobile straight up to the door?”

Larry laughed. “I could drive it into the living room.”

“That’s not what I want you to do. I want you to drive straight up to the house and distract the police and the Guard. Fight them if you have to. Everyone who can’t fly will be with you.

“Everyone who can fly will be going in through the second floor. Nick, you’ll want to hang back while Daniel and his dad subdue the mayor. Someone will need to be watching for aerial attacks.”

“Is that likely?” I asked.

“Anything’s possible,” he said. “The Hangmen are in town. They’ve already been beaten back from the mayor’s house once today. When the Rhinomobile breaks through, it’ll be a race between you and Vengeance’s Hangmen. Be there first.”

He moved his head to face everyone at the table, regarding us with his near-sightless eyes.

“One more thing: you may kill somebody today. We don’t want you to, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. We won’t think anything less of you for it.”

“No. It can be avoided,” Daniel’s dad said. “Always. And it should be. Whatever we might think, in the public’s opinion you’ll have killed an innocent man.”

“Not in my experience,” Jaclyn’s grandfather said.

Daniel’s dad stood up. “We need to talk through a few things privately. Nick, is the lab unlocked?”

About the Author:

Jim Zoetewey grew up in Holland, Michigan, near where L Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz and other books in that series. Admittedly, Baum moved away more than sixty years before Jim was even born, but it’s still kind of cool. He’s a web developer, a religion and sociology major, and the author of the superhero series The Legion of Nothing. He’s also not sure why he’s writing this in the third person, but he’s never seen an author bio written in first person and doesn’t want to rock the boat.

Find the Author:

1889 Labs | Goodreads | Website | Facebook |

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    1. I thought so too! I’ll have a review out on the 26th, so we’ll find out soon. 😀

  2. An appealing interview with very informative insights on the mindset of the writer.

    Thanks for the interview, the excerpt and the giveaway. I am already taking part and reading!

    1. My pleasure! Book review coming soon too! I can’t wait to read this one. Not my normal genre, but it sounds super fun!

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  6. Amanda Ray · · Reply

    The book sounds like a great book for my son. Awesome interview! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    1. I’ll have a book review out on the 26th also! Stop back by!

      Good luck in the drawing! 😀

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    This book sounds great!

  9. it’s amazing how the creative process works! we try so hard to stop ‘dreaming’ as adults without realizing all these brilliant ideas that can come from it!

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    Great interview and plan on buying this through Amazon. Gotta represent a fellow Michigander!

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    Awesome background! I think I could get into the books. It’s been a couple decades since I read any fiction, I just may get back into it with sci fi genre. Now to decide, get some boxes of books out of storage and reread or start with this?

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    My son is begging to read this..

    1. It’s really good. I’m not so much into super heroes so that threw me off, but I knew that going in and still enjoyed it. 😀

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