To ebook or not to ebook, that is the question!

Or maybe I should say, for me, it is no longer a question!

For so long I thought I could never do without the pages of a book. The smell of a new book off the rack in a bookstore, or the feel of the print beneath my fingertips. Even the smell of a dusty old book shop with tons of editions just gathering dust, oh the thought, it’s my heaven!

So, when my hubby got a Nook, I felt a little let down. An ereader!? Really? How could you do this to our relationship? I was just appalled…

And then lo and behold, I realized, while in a book store actually, I with book in hand waltzed up to him to show him the gorgeous cover of a $35.00 book. But it was GORGEOUS let me tell you! Had I even read the synopsis yet? No. But the cover was so brilliant that I could not put it down. And then he shows me that we can get said book for $10.00. TEN DOLLARS! What?

Ok, I am here to say that money is most definitely not everything. But I am constantly picking up books that I feel like I will just fall in love with to be, truth be told, let down. Sometimes a rare book will hit me as did Soulless and I will know that the book was written entirely for me! But how often does this actually happen? How many books have I picked up and not fallen in love with? Sadly quite a few. Yes I’m a book whore. I need to go to BW Anonymous classes.

But this story does have a bright light and it’s not at the end of a dark and dreary tunnel! It’s on the screen of my new (yes I broke down and got it) Kindle Fire! Ohhh! I am in love! Firstly, hello Net Galley!? YOU my dear are my new BFF. And Kindle has so many free books, with and without good covers I might add.

So, will I leave my beautiful script on pages behind? No. My evil plan is to make said hubby buy me books that are precious to me. Like the Hobbit, a version which is gold and beautifully illustrated! I will never be able to leave books like those behind! Or the Alice in Zombieland by Genashowalter! Well, all of her covers make me swoon! I mean, who can pass by this:

So… my question is and I’ve seen this around quite a bit, exactly how do you guys feel about saving money this way? Reading books on ereaders rather than our normal beloved books? Will this hurt bookstores in the long run? Sharing books through Kindle and whatnot?

However you feel I hope you guys are reading a great book today!


  1. ah yes, there is definitely nothing that can compare with having that precious printed work with gorgeous cover and precious smell in your hot litte hands 🙂

    Practicality demands otherwise – with houses getting smaller (ie. there just isn’t anymore room for that many want-to-buy books) and long commute to work (ie. so much easier & lighter to carry PLUS if you finished reading the book midway, you have access to another one directly!).

    Of course, I’m still of the opinion if a book you’ve read is that impressive, then it’s a must buy, must have!

    1. I totally agree! I think that is what actually sold me. Having multiple books to choose from without shoving ten in my purse! I always have a book with me and sometimes they’re not so small.

      I’m trying to talk my daughter into one now. I’ll just have to pick one up for her because she says the same thing, “but I won’t be able to SMELL the book!”

      Reading addicts are so funny. Myself included!

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