He said / She said: Patient Zero

So, after getting my arm twisted for quite some time I finally decided to break down and read Patient Zero. Not my normal type of book but what could happen, maybe I won’t like it, big deal. The Patient zero full review, if you’re interested.

But this was basically how He said / She said was born. We read books together every once in a while even though my favorite genre is definitely not his favorite genre. But I started wondering how his ideas would differ from mine for the books that we do both read. So, this is going to be a simple theme based on the same questions so you get an idea of what a guy’s and a gal’s opinoins are. And without further ado:

Patient Zero he said / she said:

He says —

  • Cover: What’s not to like about this cover?! It’s like somebody tearing through to get to you, hopefully not my skin.
  • Synopsis: Line one made me read this book!

When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, there is either something wrong with your world or something wrong with your skills… and there’s nothing wrong with my skills.

  • Page 99: Wanting more! This totally gripped me as did the first sentence I read.
  • Favorite character: It’s a toss up between Joe Ledger and Top. Top keeps Ledger grounded, he’s a good guy to have around.
  • Plot pluses: Flow was great and it kept you guessing from the beginning. We see the bad guys but we don’t know how they’re going to do what they want to do. How is everything going to work out in the end?
  • Plot minuses: Lots of politics and science to get lost in although it was explained very well.
  • Further comments: Everyone must read this and the next book asap! If you can’t read it, listen to the audio. It’s worth every penny!
  • Would you recommend this book: Yes and I already have!

She says —

  • Cover: Love it but I also loved zombies and this just screams READ ME this is about zombies!!
  • Synopsis: Impressed but not quite enough to have picked up the book because of it.
  • Page 99: Ok, the real reason I read this. Page 99 was awesome and draws you in. I wanted to know what in carnation was going on! And NOW!
  • Favorite character: Hands down Joe Ledger. Sarcastic, a little crazy, demanding.. everything you need in a man!
  • Plot pluses: The flow definitely was great. And I was left guessing, definitely a plus.
  • Plot minuses: Politics! Eww… but it’s not overly horrible.
  • Further comments: As a zombie book this is good! I love it! I love the science behind it even though most of it went over my head.
  • Would you recommend this book: Yup.

All in all we actually agreed quite a bit on this book which really doesn’t surprise me. It had a little of what he needs, people fighting, and a little of what I needed, zombies and romance. Absolutely great for everyone!


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