Friday’s Flock of Fiction (6)

  • Want Now: One recently released or already published title I’m lusting after.
  • Want Soon: One upcoming title I’m looking forward to, based on things I’ve heard, the cover, and the description.
  • Want Someday: One upcoming title I’ve heard about that sounds like it could be interested but is so far off into the future it doesn’t even have a cover yet.

Want Now:

Ok, so after reading Patient Zero I am thinking I really need to try another Jonathon Maberry book and another with zombies sounds right up my alley! I may be a little late as this was published in

Sept 2010 but you know the saying, better late than never!

  • Want Now: Rot & Ruin
  • Series: Benny Imura, #1
  • Author: Jonathan Maberry
  • No of Pages: 458
  • Release Date: September 14th 2010
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Want Soon:

With all of the hallabaloo about 12/21/12 I’ve looked up some things about Mayans and what not. Honestly, probably TOO many things for a normal person but it intrigues me! I can’t help myself! So books like this I just have to dive into. What’s even better about this book? The cover is simply to die for. Simply irresistible.

  • Want Soon: 12 21
  • Series:
  • Author: Jonathan Maberry
  • No of Pages: 336
  • Expected Publication: Aug 7, 2012
  • Publisher: Random House Publishing

Want Someday:

Ok most of my Want Somedays are far, far into the future. This seems far enough. The cover is amazing! And I already have to wait until Feb! Yeah, that’s long enough I think.

  • Want Someday: Revel
  • Series:
  • Author: Maurissa Guibord
  • No of Pages: 352
  • Expected Publication: February 12th 2013
  • Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

What books are you looking forward to?

Started by the fabulous Ruby at Ruby’s Reads.

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