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“Do you change your form?” Jonathan couldn’t help it he had to ask.

“What do you mean?” Sebastian said.

“Well do you always look like that or are you able to take a human form?”

Sebastian let out a huge laugh that was almost a howl and the group had turned to look at them. Jonathan seemed to be a little embarrassed.

“What’s so funny? I take it that means no?” he said a little red faced.

“I have never heard anything like it. We are always like this. We have many human tendencies but we are mostly animal and it shows in our way of life. It isn’t always human friendly let’s put it that way” Sebastian said. “What makes you think that we would be able to do that anyway?”

“Well we have stories back home about things called Werewolves. They are humans that change to wolves, but only during a full moon.”

Sebastian let out another laugh “fascinating, absolutely fascinating. Your story tellers must be very imaginative people, I imagine they are very well respected.”

“Well I suppose some are yes. I’m hoping to be one myself when I’m older.”

“Really, so you want to tell stories of your werewolves do you?”

“Well not exactly but I do want to be a writer, storyteller as you say.”

“I have a feeling Jonathan that you will be very good at it. Tell me, this dream you had, was that real?” He asked.

“Yes I’ve been having them for a while now. I seem to be able to see things that are going on in and around the Dark Tower. Gideon says the master of the tower opened a link when he spoke to me and forgot to close it. It gives us a bit of insight so I hope that I don’t lose it.”

“When did this Dark Master speak to you?”

“It was a long time ago now. It came to me in a dream and told me not to help or I’d die. It threatened me really to make me go away.”

“And yet you stayed. That seems brave for one so young.”

“Yeah so I’ve been told. The truth is I can’t get home yet anyway and besides which I don’t like being threatened” Jon said. “Even if I could get home right now I still think I’d stay and help, I couldn’t just leave. I’m too involved now and if I left it would mean that I left my friends. These people have protected me, one even died saving me. I would never just up and leave them now, no way” Jonathan said.

Sebastian looked at Jonathan and felt a kindness for him. He hadn’t ever met a human like this before, he was sure that if Jonathan hadn’t been here the other humans would not have ventured in to the woods to help the way they had. Jonathan seemed to have an understanding of things and a wider vision for what was around him. Maybe it was because he was from a different land but Sebastian didn’t care, he liked the boy.

About the author:

Ann Haines is a debut writer from the South East of England. She is a married mother of two, a horror movie buff, Tweeter, Blogger and a self-confessed geek………………………. and GLEEK (much to her sons annoyance).
She has been writing from an early age and even took to illustrations as she went through her teenage years. Although she still sketches as a hobby she now prefers to focus on her writing. At nineteen she became a mother and had to put her writing on hold for a more lucrative job to support her and her son, as it was just the two of them. She never gave up the idea of becoming a writer though and when her son was four he gave her the idea for what is now her first book ‘Brunswick’.

After two and half years of writing her book and researching the self-publishing industry, Ann’s book ‘Brunswick’ was published on Amazon. She became part of the Indie Publishing community that she loves and is widely involved in. Over the years she has had many ideas for her work and so we can expect to see much more of this new Indie Author.

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