Do you judge books by their covers?


There are a few variables for me in this question.

What attracts me first to a book is it’s cover.

The colors, the FONT! The ability to read the freaking name of the book and the author! Does the cover have anything to even do with the book?! Of course I won’t know that until I read the synopsis and I really won’t know until I read the book!

Soulless a practically perfect in every way type of book I fell in love with! The cover is appealing, although not over the top the type of dress she is wearing let’s me know a LOT, plus the “A Novel about Vampires, Werewolves and Parasols” totally got me. This book was written FOR ME! Sadly, I have yet to finish it, honestly I’m a bit scared because I have yet to get the second in the series, but I am working to get the time next week! I know it’s going to be my favorite book of the year! Even without a sparklie cover! — Review coming as soon as I finish!

IF the cover is striking enough, I may buy it without even reading the synopsis.

As in the Grim Reaper, End of Days by Steve Alten. I didn’t hesitate with this book. I saw the cover and was instantly drawn to it quite literally from a few aisles away. Fortunately for me it was on the end of an aisle. I briefly read the synopsis, seriously just glanced at it and hugged the book to me. I just knew this book was going to be fantastic. And I was right! This may not be your normal prettiful gal cover with sparklies all over it, but man it just went WHAM! YOU WANT TO READ ME!

IF the cover is interesting it may get me to check out the synopsis.

This is yet another where I was interested by the alluring, yet dark cover. I did however read the synopsis on this one. And with a synopsis like what is below, I was not leaving the store without this book. My hubby would have had to drag me out like a two year old who just lost her favorite baby doll. NOT a good thing for a grown woman! This book was way too much to put into one review!

Only one person, Brendon Pruitt, can save the human race. Iconoclast, messiah, possessor of special gifts, and trained by the world’s wisdom and experiences (starting with his birth and education in New Orleans), Pruitt explores the nature of God and how the future is not predestined but rather fluid and mutable.

This is a powerful, ambitious novel that will take its place among the end-of-the-world scenarios, adding its own distinct and horrifying yet hopeful contribution. — Goodreads

IF the cover is hideous but I have read the author before, I will still pick up the book and see if it’s worth my time. Again, if I already a fan of the author I’m already assuming it’s worth my time!

Terry Pratchett, as I’m sure any followers know by now since I won’t shut up about him, is my favorite author. This cover however, is not. I mean, it is OKay really. But would it grab you from across a store and say BUY ME NOW! No. Does it just make you want to stay up all night? Well, fortunately his writing does, but the cover certainly does not. So, albeit blase it is Terry Pratchett and I can not live this life without getting all of his Discworld novels! No matter what their covers look like. — Reading Discworld in an Orderly Fashion

So, the short answer is yes. I do judge books by their covers but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick up a book because the cover doesn’t appeal to me. Every once in a while something else gets into my brain that just won’t let go and does the same thing that the covers above did. It just whispers for me to buy it. BUT 95% of the time, the cover is what sells the book for me. It’s kind of like a much safer, english version of Russian Roulette. The books that wind up just being meh are normally outweighed by all of the fabulous authors that I’ve been introduced to by picking up a new book just by being attracted to the cover!


  1. I have never read any of these, but I love how you describe falling in love with a cover before reading the book. There have totally been books that make me buy them because of the cover alone. 🙂 Thanks for participating again!

    1. My pleasure! This is one of my favorite things of the week 😀 It’s fun seeing everyone’s opinions on how they choose what they read.

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