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Random Reads Meme – Hosted by ImLovingBooks.com

***Starting soon!!***

Basically it’s a meme where we pick a random book from our shelf to read. I’m on Goodreads so I’m using a combination of the sorting feature and Random.org to pick the book I’m going to read. I explain more how to do it in my first Random Reads postso check that out.

Now, on to my next victim. I haven’t read Going Too Far yet unfortunately. I have it, but I haven’t gotten to it yet because for one I did the first meme really late in November, and two because it’s been a super busy last couple of weeks with having family in town for Thanksgiving. I will read it soon though! :)

But my next random read is:

Seduce Me At Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

So the winner is #114, Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas and it’s been on my to-read list since January 14, 2011. This is the second in a historical romance series I started awhile ago. Lisa Kleypas is pretty popular in the historical romance community. I just didn’t love the first book as much as everyone else seems to so I’ve been kind of putting off continuing. I think this will be a situation where I’ll read the book to determine whether or not to continue the series at all. Hopefully I’ll love it more than the first!

So I just put it on hold from my library and I should be getting it soon cause it’s already readily available there.

Want to join in on Random Reads? It’s easy, just pick a random book from your list in whatever way you want to do it. You can use the method I used above or even just close your eyes and point randomly at a book on your bookshelf if you want. lol

I’m setting a special Goodreads list from my TBR to include books that I already have at home or have bought in the month.This will also create a negative for what is coming into my house versus what I’m reading per month! Which follows the guidelines of Operation TBR Reduction YAY! Well, slowly but surely at least.

Thank you to  I’m Loving Boooks.com for a fabulous idea!

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