Once Upon a Read a Thon Updates

In the beginning, there was a Read a Thon!

Day 3:

Theme for today? Awake and ready to finish a book!

Update Three: Felt really good about this read a thon! I was kind of iffy on what I was going to read and I think that hindered my reading process a bit. I should have stuck with Soulless but I didn’t want to rush through which I would have done. That is one book that I want to enjoy every word of, slowly! The Widow for One Year really surprised me. It’s not really slow, but the plot is interesting and I only have 100 pages left! Eufeeling is also an easy, really good read, although Spiritual so I was also trying to take that one in chunks but sadly the Nook was playing havoc with my reading and kept turning Eufeeling off!
So, all in all I did well. Hopefully my next read a thon I can sit back and REALLY enjoy reading!
Pages Read: 300
Books Read: Never did finish a book, but I jumped from Soulless to Eufeeling to A Widow for One Year, so I’m good with that.

Wednesday Challenges:

Challenge #1 from The Reader Bee:

What is your most anticipated book for 2012?
(It can be an upcoming release, or one that’s already been released.)

Ohh! Another easy one! After reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness nearly two years ago I have been really excited about the second book in that trilogy, Shadow of Night! It was just released this past Tuesday and I can NOT WAIT to get to a bookstore!

Challenge #2

Day 2:

Theme for today? Coffee!!! I must have more! Can any more distractions come out of the woodwork!? I did get a few pages read so I’m happy. Still only halfway through A Widow for One Day! Whew…

Update Two: Two chapters from Eufeeling by Frank J. Winslow then I stayed with A Widow for One Day by John Irving.
Pages Read:  338
Books Read: Still at zero but I’m feeling good!

Tuesday Challenges:

Chellenge #1 From KindleFever:

Once upon a time there was a bookish fight…

As the story teller, I now want you to tell me which two characters are fighting and WHY! If you want to, you’re also more than welcome to guess the outcome. 😉

Sam Vimes looked at Sherlock Holmes like he was an idiot. Sherlock Holmes noticed that Sam although he looked like he may have been drug through the mud was standing straight and he could see that beneath his sheen of humor, Sam was an intelligent man. But they were from opposite sides, Sam a Commander of the Watch, Sherlock an extremely intelligent civilian and that was all Sam thought of Sherlock. He was a civilian and as such should stay behind Sam at all costs. The men were prepared to battle, but it would be a battle of the wits.  May the best man be in charge of the investigation.

Chellenge #2 From Stiletto Storytime:

The Mini-Challenge

Below in the comments simply share a foreign author whose work you adore. I personally am from the United States but we may have readers from all over so just make sure the author you share is from a country other than your own. Tell us why you like them. Are there any books by them in particular that you would recommend? How did you come across their work? The whole point is to share and allow us all to discover a new author that we might otherwise never have been exposed to..to literally open up a whole new world of books for one another.

Oh this is a cheat for me! As any of you that read my blog normally know, I’m a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Terry Pratchett fan. (and no that doesn’t mean I weigh a ton!) To choose between his books, oy! That’s like stabbing myself into the heart, but I do know that I have to choose a book that has everything about Terry Pratchett’s writing that I love, and that is Guards, Guards. I love his books so much that I created a Terry Pratchett guide, All about Discworld and how to read his books in their various orders. I started reading Terry Pratchett when my husband pretty much dared me to. He bet that I would fall in love with him. I didn’t trust my husband because HIS form of humor and mine are quite different but I thought why not try something outside of my comfort zone? It may be fun. Nine years later not only am I in love with his writing but I swoon when I hear a new book is coming out. I mostly enjoy the Discworld series but his satirical writing hits my funny bone every time, I’ll read anything that has Terry Pratchett’s name on it.

Day 1:

Theme for today? Rainy and cool, perfect sleeping weather.

Update One: Wow, what a Monday! Busy, busy, busy and it was raining so I really wanted to nap. I endured not being lured to bed but still couldn’t read quite as much as I wished. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for reading!
Pages Read: 297 total
Books Read: None (unless half of two equal one whole!?)

Monday Challenges:

From Between the Pages (great blog name!) we have a test! But don’t put your answers in the comment box, fill out the form!

1.) In A WANT SO WICKED, what was Elise’s sisters name?

2.) In THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, who did Hazel & Augusts go to meet in Amsterdam?

3.) In PUSHING THE LIMITS, what was the name of Echo’s step-mother?

4.) In TWILIGHT, Bella fell in love with who?

Nope! I’m not giving away the answers! Sorry guys… 😉
And from IBBookBlogging:

Question 1:

What is your favorite cover that has been revealed this summer and why? Post a link or picture of the cover if you want.

Ohhh my goodness! It looks like such a simple question but I’m so torn. I have a few favorites actually. I don’t believe any of them were released this summer except maybe Time Untime but Alice in Zombieland has been out for a while and Watched is my favorite was released last year! So I’m cheating a bit but I think you probably get the point. I LOVE COVERS!

Question 2:

Do you rely on the cover to help you choose whether you want to read a book or not?

Normally yes. If I am in NO way attracted to a cover then unless the title really intrigues me or I already know of the author, I’m probably not going to even look at the book. I have judged many a book by its cover and won! My hubby will even bring books to me to judge if he’s on the fence about the plots!!
Ok, I have to edit myself a little here. I have been known to pick something up that looks hideous. The covers do not have to be beautiful but attract something in me that says READ ME! Grim Reaper by Steve Alten was very much like this. Interesting cover with a skull in the front, armageddon like picture and it totally captured my attention from across the hall. Amazing work!


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  2. I always seem to be in the middle of a book when readathon starts! So I always ended ‘finishing’ a book for my first ‘book’ LOL

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    1. I’m in the middle of three right now and bouncing! If I keep this up I won’t finish any!! But they’re all so good.

      1. You mean you won’t finish in time for #oureadathon but will finish them, right?

        Not looking good for me either – supposed to be my day off (!) but I’ve got called to do some reporting. Just spent the last 2 hours working when I SHOULD’ve been reading LOL

  3. Oh no! Don’t you hate that? And for work too. Oy.

    I won’t finish in time for the readathon but yes, definitely this week (crosses fingers!) They are all so good that’s why I keep bouncing between them!

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