Book Chat Thursday!

This week: Your favorite author!

Ohhh… How I can bend everyone’s ears (or eyes I guess) about this subject! Funnily enough my favorite authors have changed depending on what I like to read at the time. Right now, it’s Terry Pratchett. Actually, it’s been Terry Pratchett for quite a while.

Here’s the long and short of it. My favorite used to be Jean M. Auel. I just could not get over her Earth’s Children Series. It started with Ayla. My all time favorite character and many of my gaming characters are based off of her even to this day. It started when I was around 12, reading these fantastically inspiring and scary (for that age) books about a heroine who just wouldn’t give up under any circumstances. I wanted to name my daughter Ayla years and years later. That’s how incredibly inspiring Jean M. Auel was to me.

Then there was Stephen King. Oh, who doesn’t love Stephen King? Especially when you grow up watching horror movies and reading Books of Blood from Clive Barker and the like. My first scary movie was Alien, in theaters. I was three and was sitting on my dad’s lap and (as he tells it because I do not remember) I bit him because I was so scared. But I loved it and I love it still! Stephen King and I had a relationship for a long time until sadly we parted ways. We’re back to seeing each other every once in a while and the stories are even better than I remember growing up. Amazingly enough.

But today, today my favorite is hands down, Terry Pratchett. The laughter he brings to my life, to my heart, to my very soul can not be duplicated. His books are wonderful and fill me with a light that I want to share with the world. The funny thing about this is my husband had to nearly twist my arm to get me to read him. I wasn’t interested at all. Didn’t even want to pick up one book, especially if my husband liked him! His sense of humor and mine are quite different! But I decided, one book. What would one book do? Oh… that one book made me a true fan for life. I have spent countless hours reading his books and listening on audible and I don’t think I will ever stop. He’s like a drug now. But at least he’s a drug that doesn’t give hallucinations. 😉


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