Book Chat Thursdays, All about Audiobooks

Book chat for Thursdays and the topic for today is:

Audiobooks.  Do you listen to audiobooks?  Do you consider that “reading”?  What are your favorite audiobooks?

I actually do listen to audiobooks but more when I’m trying to go to sleep. I wouldn’t totally considered sleep listening reading only due to being asleep while listening but when I do listen to books during the day or while driving I definitely consider that reading. You are taking the time to enjoy a book and normally it takes longer to listen to someone read than it would take to read a book yourself.

My personal favorites include all of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series. Steven Briggs and Nigel Planer are normally the narrators and their voices can just lull me straight into a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s a beautiful and very needed thing. Funnily enough prior to listening I tend to read the book first anyway so if I miss something I still know what is going on.

I think this is a question of what feels comfy for you. I honestly love listening to books but I also can read in the car and not get motion sickness so my time listening to audiobooks is when I’m the only one in the car or when I’m going to sleep. And still I have like 40 books in Audible.

Thank you to Sweet Green Tangerine for our Thursday Book chat.


  1. Wow I’ve never thought about listening to audiobooks to fall asleep. I wonder if you subconsciously retain the stories if you hear them when you’re sleeping. lol I’ve never heard of Audible. what’s that? Thanks for participating this week!!

    1. My pleasure! I’m not sure since I like to read the books first anyhow. But the hubby is always listening to audible and seems to know exactly what is going on. How he does it, I have no clue!

      If you’ve never heard Nigel Planer or Steven Briggs, it’s a MUST do! They just have such great voices. Although I would never recommend the first few Terry Pratchett’s to fall asleep to. I think they were playing with the edits and kept adding in a bunch of sparkley noises. Not great for sleeping…

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