Unexpected Storm

Yearning for somewhere hidden and safe,

Running from the world.

Into the shadows of trees and wood,

Desperately searching for the place.

Around an oak I step with care

Over silky green grass

and soil that sits bare

Through entangled vines I find my way

Tranquil water fills my sight

encircled and caged by land

But proud to reflect the sun’s light.

Water pours over rocks above, streaming down

through the air it falls with grace

Splashing into piles of brush covering the ground.

I find a spot to lay peacefully in the shade

Watching the moon push the day away

the sky grows darker, blue and gray

I smile as the stars come out to play

Crickets chirp softly by side

Others fall fast asleep

Each enjoying a splendid dream

As I give thanks to the night

But reality overcomes

Encouraged by a thunderous voice

So I leave my thoughts behind

Sadly, I don’t have a choice.


Pic thanks to Hoax Slayer

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