Beauty & Grace

Beauty, something each soul possesses when they’re born,

some more than others, greater, vibrant

They shine even when they’re down, those souls

like angels, just hearing their voice can lift you up.

You strive to be like them, open and caring

a lover of life and love itself

the sun seems like shade when they’re around

people surround like solar systems orbiting,

wanting just a minute of your time,

your love, your beauty to be apart of their lives.

Bad things happen, even to these beautiful angels

but they always come out fighting, smiling in the end

knowing something that all of us still have to learn,

that life is worth living,

love worth waiting for,

with time, all hurts pass.

They stand not stoically, but with heads held high,

eyes shining brighter than ever before.

Bring it on world, they seem to say,

with a slight smile to their lips,

joy in their heart.

I will not be beat down by the likes of you,

you may hurt me dear world, but you shall never take me,

I am my own angel,

filled with light, love and grace.

And when you are alone,

I will be surrounded by many who love me.

I pity you, but no tears will be shed again because of you,

you are on your own.

And will you remember, in this cruel world, while alone

your soul festering and bleak,

Love is all you needed, but were to weak to seek.

I will dance upon your grave.




I woke ready to face the day, realizing my past, present and even my future has already made me who I am today.

And I love who I am.

As I walked into the computer room planning to write about the wonders of life and the effects on how fabulous you can feel if you just think positively, all was thrown out the window. I found out a friend was beaten by her ex.

Now I’m not saying I should not feel happy to be alive, happy to be who I am but a wave of dread washed over me. How could this happen? How could a friend be so hurt when I’m feeling so good. While I slept so easily, comfortable in my bed, snuggled with my pets and husband, a friend was getting the crap beat out of her.

What do you do?

What can I do?

To top it off, the guy was a cop. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I love cops but I also believe in the power of corruption and power corrupts. Not only did this guy beat a woman, he has (hopefully!!) ended his career. But you know what, the poem above is for her. This idiot will probably never learn but hopefully he will never touch her again.

I do love life and I know she does too, she is an angel with a beautiful heart and soul and I’m just glad that she is still full of that life that so many strive to find.

One comment

  1. Great poem. Sounds like you have some earned understanding of the psycopathic personality. Thanks for linking to my post on Beauty. Best regards.

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