The End

A picture of sin

All I’ve done, wrong

I can’t hide

It won’t take long

One day the end-

Will come for me

And he will send

Me to death

or set me free.

Afraid I’m not good enough

I don’t call to your aid

Under his judgmental sword

his fiery blaze.

Finally down on my knees

After a life of pain

I plead for forgiveness

realizing the possible gain.

Not worthy of you

Why bother to ask

But I know what you can do

Your hand I reach to grasp.

Flames strike my flesh

He won’t let me stay

I gaze into your eyes

knowing I have so much to pay.

Choose your ending:

Happy —

You grasp my spirit

From the fires that consume

To safety, allowing

me to follow you.

Sad —

I watch you with fear

as you drift away

eyes filled with tears

All the lights fade.

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