Daily Archives: May 4, 2012

Afraid of Heights

A deluge of tears stream down my face and all of a sudden, nothing matters. I’ve been hurt before, I’ll be battered again, this isn’t a new thing, it’s something I’m used to by others before, and now by you My heart doesn’t feel mutilated but can I even feel it anymore after so much […]

The End

A picture of sin All I’ve done, wrong I can’t hide It won’t take long One day the end- Will come for me And he will send Me to death or set me free. Afraid I’m not good enough I don’t call to your aid Under his judgmental sword his fiery blaze. Finally down on […]

Different approach

So, today I’m taking a different approach, instead of blogging about books, poetry or gaming, I’m going to blog about how we think. Another fascinating subject! And something I may add periodically to this blog since I am a bit obsessed with how we think and feel. What I am going to call Friday’s Fundamental […]