GW2 Characters

The character creation process was actually pretty fun. Once you set up your character each race has it’s own set of questions, like if you would get out of a situation using charm, dignity or force and each of these questions determines your character story line in the game. The beginning cinematic is also different depending on your choices. But is pretty basic depending on your race. As I talked about in my first post your decisions here will determine your class quest but saying that you are forceful didn’t seem to change the storyline much. However, I haven’t played to a high level so in the higher levels when your character is more seasoned in battle, this could and hopefully will make a difference!

Once you decide on your race, sex and class you will enter the character creation screen. First you will be able to edit your Body Features which include height, body type and tattoo (for Norn). If you notice the

colors at the bottom of the screen these are for the specific area you are on, so for body type it will change your skin color but for tattoo it will change your tattoo color. Pretty straight forward so far.

The tattoos and fur choices (charr) are very unique and with the color choices there are hundreds of options that you can play with, and play I did. I literally spent hours just creating and recreating characters. 😉 Like I said, it’s fun!

To make your character more interesting we will move onto the next selection, which is Head Options. Here you will now be able to choose your face and hair style. This is pretty straight forward, choose a face that you like best along with hair style and color. In this section you will not be able to edit anything about the face but in the next section you will. Also if your guy or girl has any accessories you will notice a second color option for hair. That is your accessory color changer.

The next selection set is for Face Details. You have already chosen your basic face but now you can edit the eyes (don’t forget eye color here!), nose, mouth and chin. Very simple to figure out, bigger nose, smaller, etc. The last section is Armor Dyes, again pretty self explanatory but the great thing is once you dye your armor any new gear you receive will have that same dye set. If you decide to not dye your armor each race gets a specific set of starter dyes.

Instead of a base red or gray for new armor drops, we are applying a set of basic neutrals to the dyeable areas. Cloth will look beige cream, leather will be calfskin brown and metal will be steel-toned. This makes any new armor drop you have look perfectly serviceable in the interim while you experiment with the color palette you want. To put it more succinctly: you don’t look like an undyed dork just because you’re out of turquoise. You’re welcome. —From Kristen Perry

Ok! You have a character, now on to the interesting questionnaire which is different for race and class. These are what propel your storyline so answer carefully! There are a set of five questions, the first will determine an aesthetic aspect of your character, like the mask choice for mesmer below. The second will determine your personality will wind up affecting your npc relations. The final three are for your personal storyline which will refer to your character’s background, motivations and their experiences thus far. If you do not want to know or do not care to answer the questions you can skip to the end and the choices will be randomly picked for you. (could be great for alts!)

In the last step, you choice your name. The name can be 3 to 19 characters long with spaces…. Enjoy YOUR story.





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