Macabre RaT Update!

One book down, at least two to go!

I’m halfway through Dean Koontz’s Hideaway. This book is definitely Dean Koontz. The epitome of strap you to your chair and keep you there until you are dying with anticipation, or from the plot twists! My heart has raced quite a few times and although there are quite a few books out there where I can figure out the ending while reading the first page, Dean Koontz is one that I can never figure out! He always, always leaves you guessing and begging for more!

I’m hoping to finish this today as I definitely didn’t get enough reading in last night! And then onto Clive Barker’s Mister B. Gone, which I’ve had for over a year and kept meaning to pick up so this will finally be it’s time to shine!

And onto Thursday’s challenge, by Hook of a book! A Horror survey:


  1. What do you define HORROR genre as? Anything that gets my heart pumping and has me on the edge of my seat!
  2. What is your favorite sub-genre of HORROR (paranormal, devil/death, supernatural, blood and gore, etc.) Ohhh, tough question!!! I want to say all of the above, but I’ll go with Paranormal.
  3. What do you want to see more from writers in the HORROR field? Better plot twists! Being able to figure out a book in the first two pages is such a turn off.
  4. Favorite HORROR movie and why? Evil Dead! Sam Raimi! That guy has been making me think that monsters are in my closet for years! But I also happened to see this movie when I was very young. The make up was great for it’s time, the voices totally creeped me out! The idea that you couldn’t even get away because they were some kind of weird demons still freaks me out to this day!
  5. Favorite HORROR authors and why? Clive Barker and Dean Koontz. I love Stephen King and he has gotten my blood pumping like I’m running a treadmill but Clive Barker has always had a special place in my heart. Most likely because I read his Books of Blood when I was younger, was introduced to horror through him. Afterwards I dove into Dean Koontz. All of his books are easy to read but the plots are amazing, the characters believable! If you want a paperback horror to read in two days, Dean Koontz is totally your man!
  6. What other elements do you like in your HORROR books (mystery, thriller, romance, historical, etc.)? I do love some romance but it really depends on the story for me. I’m not much into mysteries however.
  7. What is you favorite HORROR book of all time? Swan Song by Robert R. Mcgammon. A MA ZING!
  8. What do you like most about this Spring into Horror read-a-thon? I’ve been reading a lot of paranormal romance and have put the Horror genre down for awhile. I was excited to pick up some books that have been collecting dust! Poor things.
  9. Why do you think people read HORROR? The thrill of the ride! It’s fun and you don’t have to go to an amusement park and spend hundreds of dollars to get your heart pumping.
  10. Your favorite name of a character in a HORROR book? Sister Creep from Swan Song.

Thanks to Hook of a Book for a great week of challenges! This has been such a great RaT. I can not wait for more!



  1. So glad you are enjoying this RAT and these challenges!! 🙂 I have some super author friends who are truly generous. With your array of likes like me, from paranormal romance to true horror, you’ll love most all on the list of giveaways novels. If you want writers who really do suspense well, try Brian Moreland. His Dead of Winter is awesome, and will be up for giveaway tommorow (Friday).

    1. Fabulous! I will look forward to picking him up. I have family members that have been trying to get me to read suspense for years and I haven’t found an author that I’m in love with, yet!

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