Book Review: Hideaway by Dean Koontz

  • Review: Hideaway
  • Series:  —
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • No of Pages: 432
  • Release Date: July 5th 2005


First off, thanks goes to the Horror RaT (Read a thon) for getting me back to reading Dean Koontz. I’ve always been a fan of horror but haven’t read anything really terrifying in a while. Dean Koontz literally puts the terror in terrifying. His imagination is fabulous and his plots never fail us!

Hideaway was no different. It was a fabulous book full of plot twists and turns so much so that it felt like a death defying roller coaster! I hate to give anything about the fabulous ending away but I will say, I didn’t see that one coming! Of course I never do with Koontz.

For Hideaway, it starts off with a car wreck, one in which both husband and wife, the main characters in the story, were nearly killed. Lindsey works tirelessly to make sure she and her husband, Hatch, make it. What she doesn’t know is that he has drowned in the very cold river that she is trying to pull them out of. This is a few years after their son’s death and the idea of suicide, although at this point it wouldn’t be suicide but just a letting go and slipping away into the water, sounds fabulous. But she is strong and has decided that she is not going to let go and because of that decision she is not willing to let her remarkable, selfless husband go either.

Fast forward 70 minutes and Hatch is now on the World’s Record List for resuscitation but what’s interesting is his doctor’s relationship to him and the Doctor’s reason for waiting to get into this field of medicine! Both feel like that have been given a new chance at life and the last few years of depression have been wasted time, the worst is behind them they both say. Little do they know.

This roller coaster was an easy, although blood pumping read with wonderful character’s, a great plot, lots of scariness and a little bit of gore (but not too much).

I say overall 5 M’s for Dean Koontz yet again!

On a side note. I did get the book with the afterword by the author. In this Dean Koontz explicitly explains that in no way does he endorse the movie with the same name. Which is interesting because I had just put the movie on my Netflix list! Apparently the screenwriting was so appalling that he fought to get his name completely off of the movie. I do have to say, I’m tempted to watch it just because but the book was so fascinating that I’d hate to feel like I wasted my time, especially AFTER he warned us!


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