Macabre RaT

A week of reading horror, paranormal, thrillers! Ahhhh!!! Be still my heart, which it probably will since I plan to read some Dean Koontz and hopefully get some Stephen King added in.

Just finished Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Embrace! I was already reading that so I figured since it matched the paranormal part of the RaT that I would just go with it. And honestly I could not put it down anyway! I do plan on reading the next in the Dark Hunter Series, Dance with the Devil, but not before I get to some scary stuff!

On my plate this week:

Neil Gaimon’s Sandman. I went all out and got the first hardcover, five volume set! It’s so gorgeous I almost don’t want to touch it. Almost! But touch it I shall and then I”ll put it on a shelf high where my dogs can’t eat it! I’m super excited about this. It is my first graphic novel but also my first Neil Gaimon! How scary is it and does it fit into this challenge? I will let you know if it’s scary, although growing up reading Stephen King and watching 80’s horror flicks, not much scares me! But it is about the Sandman, his captivity and once he is free, the rebuilding of his kingdom. If it’s not scary, it fits the paranormal and just sounds really interesting!

Clive Barker’s Mister B. Gone. About a demon who has embedded himself into the very words of the book, making this a dangerous read! The first sentence is Burn this Book! Knowing you will not burn the book, the demon starts to tell the story of his childhood. Ok.. I know what you’re going to say. When we watch movies we’re all telling the people to run away, or close that book, etc. But I just can’t wait to read this one! It’s so intriguing! Demon or no I’m going to dive in and enjoy! I am also a huge, huge Clive Barker fan. When I was a teenager my mom thought I was weird for reading the Books of Blood. Well, she was right, but they were just too good to put down!

Dean Koontz’s Hideaway is a bout a man, clinically dead after an accident but is miraculously revived. But something came back form the other side with him. Spooky!! I found this book in the bargain section! Dean Koontz in a bargain section, I’m not passing that one up! His stories always are intense and definitely keep me on the edge of my seat and sadly I haven’t read him in awhile so this RaT is perfect to pick him up again!

And although I normally don’t get through four books in one week, I also have Amanda Stevens The Restorer on my list. I literally just picked this up because the cover was interesting. The gal in the book, Amelia Gray sounds intriguing and I’ve never read Amanda Stevens before, so why not! It’s about cemetaries and seeing ghosts and again is based in New Orleans! Right up my alley!!

I KNEW this RaT was going to get my blood pumping!!! Super excited to see if I can even get through these books but especially the ones that have been on my “to read” list like Clive Barker’s!

Also, for those doing the RaT and want to join the challenges, here are the ones I’ve found…



  1. Thanks for posting about the challenge and your reading list sounds good! Best wishes!

    1. My pleasure! The more the merrier! I just hope I did the twitter thing correctly. I haven’t quite played with it yet!

  2. Not sure how I missed visiting you earlier this week. I thought I had stopped by every blog. Bad host, bad! Anyway, you have some great books lined up. I read Hideaway years ago and really enjoyed it. I’ve also really been wanting to read The Restorer. I hope you’re enjoying the read-a-thon and your scary reads!

    1. hahha… You’re fine! And yes, I’m having a blast! I haven’t read Dean Koontz in so long that it’s a nice change of pace and actually now I have my other horror books staring at me because they’re jealous! I’ll have to put the romance aside for a bit. Well, maybe đŸ˜‰

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