Never the end

Hour Eighteen!

Whew… Ok. I’m started to wane. Well, that should be I’m about done! I’m going to read the rest of this chapter then it’s bedtime for me, sadly! But, I shall rally in the morning with another cup of coffee and continue this fabulous book! I made no plans just in case I faded out before the end. Although this does mean I have to tell my husband he was right and I should have taken a nap earlier!

For all of you still going, KEEP going! I’m sure you can do it! So excited, that this was also a great way to meet new, wonderful people!

Will definitely do this again in October with the nap added in. 😉

Hugs to all and thank to all that hosted! Marvelous job!

Amazing pic by Hubble Nebula Project


  1. Wow, you made it to 18 hours, well done!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m going to make up the missing time today! Hope you had fun!!

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