You beg and plead for me to stay,

“I can’t live without you.” you say.

to make up, clinging so tightly I can’t even breathe, then you treat me as if I don’t exist,

this push and pull, can you desist?

Chain me up and keep me down

why the hell do you even want me around?

You say you love me over and once again

I need you to be my equal, not in a relationship where I always sin.

You just love the idea of us, and what we used to be

you, too afraid to change and grow, also refuse to let me

Your piece of mind is all you care about

again we’re fighting, go ahead bring out the doubt

and all the while you send me to the asylum on a mental roller coaster ride

all is taken away from me, my self, my love, my pride

sitting here, tears streaming down my face, with nothing to say

my feelings for you, changed so greatly in these years but never array

Wanting to keep me around with all for our future that I visualize

but a happy future for us, not even I can devise.

cause you don’t have any hopes or dreams, fantasies of your own

all I hear after a fight, so many times you atone

how many times will you say I’m sorry but refuse to lift a finger

to show me how you feel, instead again you walk away, barely linger

before walking out again, but you stop to say, “I love you”

and I think once again the day I met you, I rue.

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