Humanus Diabolicus Part 2

This blog is by no means political. Honestly though after reading this book I noticed my thoughts, not only political but also spiritual were literally on another level! This book deserves so much more attention than what it is getting and I hope by doing these small excerpts throughout the next two weeks that I do not turn you away from it but help you to see why everyone, no matter your beliefs or skin color or where you grew up, absolutely everyone, should read this book! The message in it is simply amazing!!!

Since I can not go out and just buy the book for everyone, over the next two weeks I plan on taking excerpts out of this and discussing them. Hopefully this will at the very least draw attention to the book. Love it or hate it, it’s amazing!

Humanas Diabolicus, A Postmodern Prophecy by James Houk, Ph.D.

First excerpt (and if you are reading this, it’s on page 123)

Brendon would eventually begin to understand and appreciate Kailan’s vampire fetish as yet another human attempt to thwart the inevitable demise that is death. Everyone, of course, has to deal with the problem; religion, the “solution” that seems to be the most promising, at least for most, has a relatively long shelf life. For others however, the intolerance and cultural absolutism (the sine qua non of many belief systems are conceptualized and internalized by many of their adherents) of religion have pushed them towards other solutions. But as Hans Kung, the prominent Catholic theologian says, one has to do something; some choice has to be made. After all, few individuals can wallow in the conceptual equivalent of the fecal matter of unadulterated materialism, few that is with the exception of the Nietzschean ubermensch or CamusMersault; such individuals usually end up in insane asylums, however, and are rarely heard from but that’s a damned shame- they should be standing behind a pulpit somewhere. Alternative solutions or approaches to the problem of biological mortality include artistic creativity, political ideology, humanism, and existentialism, to mention just a few. Kailan simply found her own way in the vampire lore and legends of eastern Europe.

Brendon is the main character in the book. You watch as he grows not only in age but also spiritually and politically. He has his own worries about the world and is not a perfect man, he is human after all, however he is believable, trustworthy and I think everyone will understand his plight. The first being that he is a sexually charged, young, male adult. Puberty! Something we all have to go through. But the experiences he has help him to question our ideals as a human race.

In this excerpt he is coming to terms with his girlfriend’s obsession with drinking blood. Fortunately he is not grossed out by her choices but chooses instead to try to understand her and in doing so gets some experiences that will last with him for a lifetime. He also realizes his girlfriend’s way of dealing with death is just one way. There are many ways out there and for most people clinging to religion seems to be the best answer but at what price?

Sadly, this is one of the shortest excerpts and I wanted to post more but this is just to whet your appetite!


  1. Many, many thanks for taking an interest in my book. I am very passionate about the general message of cultural relativism and loving compassion for all, however, I will never pull any punches when it comes to the fantasy of culture that many mistake for reality. True individualism sacrificed in the name of proper culture is a true tragedy in my mind. Once again, thank you.

    1. novareylin · · Reply

      Absolutely my pleasure! I’ve been telling everyone I know and anyone that will listen to me rave about it! I think the message speaks for itself but I devoured it so fast that I will have to read it at least a second time if not third and fourth! I’m sure it is one of those books where I can find something I missed the first three, four, five times!

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