Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed

Tomorrow is promised to no one

I once heard someone say

do I change my life, regret the choices that I’ve made?

I wake wondering what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for

because I have no idea what is going on

depression descends like a tsunami

choking, threatening my life but swimming isn’t an option

can’t seem to see above or below,

I’m lost, drowning in a life that I should love

but drowning can be so peaceful, you can’t feel the tears

the water filling my lungs, no longer shall I fight

and what is there to fight for?

A dream of things that could be

but dreams are just that, they are not real

my daytime is filled with nightmares, shadows surround

and once again I feel alone.

Can nobody come with me, enjoy the pleasure of life

or will there only be pain,

but only until this blessed wave takes me under.

Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed, why fight today?


  1. ‘Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed, why fight today?’ I adore this line, and the whole piece for that matter. I think everybody can associate with the feeling of complete homelessness you speak of.

    1. novareylin · · Reply

      Thank you! That was also my favorite! Although I’m glad you liked the entire poem because I was kinda thrown off a little but couldn’t change anything and make it sound the same. Writing! The pleasures and the pain of it!

  2. A thoughtful work indeed. Beautifully put, my friend

    1. novareylin · · Reply

      Thank you!!

      Btw, Midair, simply marvelous!

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