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Guild Wars 2!

Finally, beta! GuildWars2Junkies helps us by telling us how NOT to waste time in those precious hours of Beta. Although there is some really great information in there, I decided to share with you what I found this weekend and there is a LOT of information! Sadly they have closed betas for the moment but […]

Book Review: Hideaway by Dean Koontz

Review: Hideaway Series:  — Author: Dean Koontz No of Pages: 432 Release Date: July 5th 2005   First off, thanks goes to the Horror RaT (Read a thon) for getting me back to reading Dean Koontz. I’ve always been a fan of horror but haven’t read anything really terrifying in a while. Dean Koontz literally […]

Macabre RaT Update!

One book down, at least two to go! I’m halfway through Dean Koontz’s Hideaway. This book is definitely Dean Koontz. The epitome of strap you to your chair and keep you there until you are dying with anticipation, or from the plot twists! My heart has raced quite a few times and although there are […]

Book Review: Night Embrace by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Review: Night Embrace Series: Dark Hunter #3 Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon No of Pages: 408 Release Date: July 1st 2003 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks Synopsis: Dear Reader, Life is great for me. I have my chicory coffee, my warm beignets, and my best friend on the cell phone. Once the sun goes down, I am the […]

Macabre RaT

A week of reading horror, paranormal, thrillers! Ahhhh!!! Be still my heart, which it probably will since I plan to read some Dean Koontz and hopefully get some Stephen King added in. Just finished Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Embrace! I was already reading that so I figured since it matched the paranormal part of the RaT […]

Never the end

Hour Eighteen! Whew… Ok. I’m started to wane. Well, that should be I’m about done! I’m going to read the rest of this chapter then it’s bedtime for me, sadly! But, I shall rally in the morning with another cup of coffee and continue this fabulous book! I made no plans just in case I […]

Lucky hour 13 in the Read-a-thon

Hour Thirteen!! YAY!! Half way there!! I have to admit, I haven’t gotten much done today. With the concert last night I started off tired and late! But between the hubby and the dogs and cat I’ve finished one book and half way through my second! Not too bad! As the night wears on I […]

Updates on the Read-a-thon!!!

  Hour Eleven!! Get up and Dance! Hour Ten and I’m done with cheering (FOR NOW!) Back to reading, and on my “current” to read list is … Novareylin’s bookshelf: currently-reading More of Novareylin’s books » //   Hour EIGHT guys!! I just got home from lunch with the hubby and plan to dive […]

Read-a-thon and Me!

The Read-a-thon is here!!! I hope many of you are sitting comfy with your coffee and enjoy the morning read! I’ll be reading and cheering all throughout today and into tomorrow morning! YAY!!! Stop by and say hi if you’re reading, if you haven’t heard of this, check out Dewey’s read-a-thon! With updates on mini […]


You beg and plead for me to stay, “I can’t live without you.” you say. to make up, clinging so tightly I can’t even breathe, then you treat me as if I don’t exist, this push and pull, can you desist? Chain me up and keep me down why the hell do you even want […]

Harry Potter — Pottermore

Ok, over the past few years I have to admit I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the books and watching the subsequent movies of Harry Potter. I also must admit I have rewatched and rewatched these movies over and over until I quite literally can quote the entire series! And now the one thing we have […]

Humanus Diabolicus Part 4

Life is … Little pieces of happiness that begin and end so fast … So let’s enjoy … Enjoy life … Day four of our series on Humanus Diabolicus, A Postmodern Prophecy by James Houk, Ph.D. Today we are thinking about love, sex, and death. In that order. Have you ever been in a relationship […]

Pitter Patter

Sunshine is just a ray of words Unless you stand outside Rain is just a pitter patter Unless you have ever cried And if you have my friend You know how it feels to lose someone you love To understand never again will you feel their hugs To realize the pain inside Will never again […]

End .

Cronic laconic frustration cessation pace face tears jeers fight tonight curse worse abhorr score you spew trend end . . .   Related articles Insane ( The Headline Curse ( I’m not superhuman, someone save me from the hate ( Broken petals of rose….. ( Featured Image by: IceWorks on Deviant Art


I’m torn torn between who I really am and who you want me to be, I mourn the loss of her, for so long I listened to you, baffling when we met you thought I was callous, strange, too vociferous for your liking I changed myself in so many ways, wanting you to love me […]

Don't Fear the Reaper

Happy Friday the 13th! My all time favorite day and we are lucky enough (or unlucky as the case may be) to have three this year! For the first time since 1984, those three Friday the 13ths — Jan. 13, April 13 and July 13 — are exactly 13 weeks apart. (Insert psycho slashing music […]

Ugly Feelings

Sometimes I can’t explain what my heart years to scream Seemingly happy then anger rises and steams I don’t know how to say I love you I don’t know how to tell you to go away I need to be alone but I want you to stay I wish I could make it clear I […]

Book Review: Humanus Diabolicus by James Houk, Ph.D.

Once again the topic for evaluation is the book Humanus Diabolicus written by James Houk, Ph.D. You can find parts one and two below if you have yet to read them! In this excerpt we find a highly debatable paragraph! One that I enjoyed immensely but seeing that I have been questioning our ideals on […]

Inspired Aspiration

It takes a remarkable person to inspire the mind You are unique and made of a special kind Determined to change the human race To create a better world, a happier place Consistently working to find so much more Searching for the hidden key to a locked and uncompromising door Your dreams are held on […]

Your control

When I thought of life is this what I imagined I wanted to be a doctor, a scientist, not stuck without a friend my goals were so farfetched maybe they would have never come but at least more than this, a reason to live, some thing to keep me going, maybe someone. Day in and […]