Monthly Archives: March 2012

One day closer

I don’t count the days, they’re copious and the thought of them suffocates me aching to see you, missing the melody of your voice, all I want to do is see the same sky you are seeing, feel the rain that falls onto your face to be in the same place. Is it so much […]


At the edge of the darkness I hear it Whispering Is it your nectarous voice or just my fancy I want you here, we both know that but I’m desolate with only my tears as companionship and the susurration continues, growing more vehement by the second, no longer thinking it’s your voice, I grow frightened […]

Sealed with a kiss

In my dream you were so real, smiling at the sunshine, tilting your head so you can feel the rays upon your face, the lines manifesting from your smile but behind us, time is catching up so fast, soaring through the miles I see one blaze turn into a legion voices in my head, none […]

A Silent Search

Up on a mountain you reside you don’t mind only wind by your side your standards are uncompromising and high yet you wait for someone good enough for the climb. Staring into the sunset everyday hoping for the one who will want to pay to freely give their heart away someone you believe in, someone […]

To those I hate

Evisceration, Tearing me apart from the inside, begging to get out, Obliteration, I’ve tried to destroy this part of me but still it sought Annihilation, A revenge of sorts Destruction, hatred for all who did this to me, for them a deadly course. Aberration, seeking something, someone, anything to end my inner turmoil Fabrication, and […]


So… it took me a long break to realize that I miss gaming. I have been painting and really enjoying life but now that I’m on a vacation (of sorts), I’ve decided to slowly but surely get back into the games that I miss so much, namely Rift and Star Wars. Rift has some great […]

Is there

Is there somebody out there? Is there someone looking out for me, who cares? Is there a place where I can be who I am, not who you want me to be Is there just a place to hide all of this misery Is there a soul somewhere that feels the same Is there anyone […]

Eyes of water

You draw the clouds and rains of tears I see in your eyes a strengthening of fears your tired and weak and yearning for love Closed behind stone walls because of what they’ve done. You’re sick of being left behind and never being treated right so you’d rather be left alone but how do you […]