Humanus Diabolicus

To properly review this book I feel that I must do this in stages. This is only a 603 page book however the ideals in it can literally fill a library. So, my plan is to take some of the passages within the book and review them. Considering all the passages that I highlighted, this is going to take some time, so over the next two weeks I want to add what I think about the ideas and thoughts and what my feelings are about them.

So, without further ado.

Humanus Diabolicus, A Postmodern Prophecy by James Houk, Ph.D.

This book starts by explaining that it was not actually written by James Houk but was written by an avatar. The avatar is actually the narrator throughout the book and she (James stated early on that he wasn’t sure if she was a he or she due to her being very androgynous however the feeling he got was that she was in fact a she, so I’ll just say she to make things easier) gives some insight on what is really going on. However she can not give full detail being that she can see all time and space and trying to explain to us humans would be beyond our capacity of understanding, as well as she is bound by certain laws. She literally is not allowed to divulge certain details. This is not as annoying as it sounds, she adds thoughts here and there but rarely.

Most of the book follows Brendon Pruitt. A normal guy going through interesting experiences. He feels as if he’s being led by someone and for specific reasons but these reasons are unknown until closer to the climax of the story. There are also creatures called the Atrox which live in another realm but can be seen by certain humans and they can see us but normally they can not enter our world. The Atrox are said to be the epitome of evil.

Brendon’s entire life revolves around understanding how to treat your neighbor. He is shown some intense situations all throughout time of how we have treated one another, mostly in the name of God. Brendon being a very loving and peaceful person is appalled at how we have treated our neighbors since time began but he struggles with what he can do and why he is being shown these atrocities.Towards the end of the book he learns that he is a messiah and must bring the human race through tragedy and help to change our way of thinking or we can all perish in the end.

This truly is a thought provoking, very interesting book! I loved every page and plan on reading it again in a month or two especially since I couldn’t put it down the first time so I’m sure I missed a ton! I hope that everyone that reads this will pick up this book. It is absolutely amazing. A MUST READ!!!


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