The Hunted

Quickly to start, keeping my pace

Between life and death, the ultimate race

Quiet in the beginning, no one around

Slowly beginning to hear faint sounds

Screams from afar, footsteps behind

Slowly but surely losing my mind

Stopping to listen

They are closing in

I begin to quicken my step

From around the corner, a glimmer of light

appears before my eyes

feet pounding mercilessly against the pavement

I know I have to try

Beneath the rays looking around

Working to catch my breath

No one to be seen

Only one question remains

And could it really be

Yes, I am the only one left

Suddenly out of no where, they come to surround

There’s no where to go

No one to hear me make a sound

My body tenses and muscles shake

As they continue to close the space

They move in and begin to attack

But I wouldn’t dare succumb without a fight

Each grasp closing, strengthening, becoming tight

They search for a chance and at the first window they leap,

I feel it, the end, as their teeth into my body begin to seep,

There is nothing left to do but search for victims,

For the simple fact is, I am now and forever, a zombie.

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