I stopped working for your recognition

stopped ordering your gaze to see

It’s better that way, for you… for me

It’s simpler, easier, and more stress free

then, she returns, that girl so perfect

always in your sight

she makes you laugh and keeps you smiling through the night.

You say she means no more than a friend

When I try to ask cautiously, when I pretend

Pretend I don’t care how others make you feel

When I want to be the only person you believe is real

Jealousy is so quickly poured over my soul

My feelings for you take an angry hold

Upsetting the balance I’ve tried to create

I can not calm the surface, it is already too late

All I can do is sit, hope and wait.

Soon anger and sadness will subside

For some time my heart will be alright

Equality will return to me, my heart, my soul, my mind.

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