in a state of unrest

wanting to talk to you, to scream, to beat upon your chest

is it all in my mind, these thoughts and feelings

i know it’s me, not you

you blame yourself, I blame myself, how will we ever get through

I don’t know how to think, how to get out of this mire

should I tell you how I feel, how this is killing me, my heart is on fire

each second without you, thoughts are clouded, soul befuddled

and I talk myself out of it, for myself I am counseled

and yet still, no matter what I do, jealousy abounds

where sensitivity and fondness should be found

there are tears in its stead, but of my own volition, I still pine

for you every waking moment, and in my thoughts so alone, please send me a sign

that you love me, think of me, long for me still

or has this all been against your will….

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