Sealed with a kiss

In my dream you were so real,

smiling at the sunshine, tilting your head so you can feel

the rays upon your face, the lines manifesting from your smile

but behind us, time is catching up so fast, soaring through the miles

I see one blaze turn into a legion

voices in my head, none are yours, somewhere a region

is serene and that is where I find you, surreptitiously hiding away

and I plead for you to please stay.

But you can’t and I cry as the blaze of lights turn into a surfeit of angels

the sight should titillate me but fear abounds and melds

dense in my mind as I observe their beauty, perplexed by the knowledge

that they are here to take you to the edge

but through my fear of losing you I finally see

it is not hell but heaven, where you will be

Still the pain surrounds as the horror hits my heart

that now you and I will forever be apart

you turn before you go and kiss

your own forehead, thanking your body for it’s forgiveness,

for the life it gave you, the endurance and strength,

and now all alone I watch you, currently at arm’s length

as you leave with them now, I hear singing

and my heart swells for you, the knowledge that they’re bringing

my most beloved grandfather to a place of greatness,

and I thank you for being there for me, and seal the thank you with a kiss.

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